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So yeah, I was the typical little girl who gave all her Barbies and dolls haircuts.  I occasionally (when mom wasn't looking) cut my sister's hair as well; at the tender age of 12, I decided to be creative and "layer" the sides of her hair and she wound up with a mullet right before picture day.  Needless to say, my mother was very upset, and to this day, that school picture of my sister is on the refrigerator at my parents' house to remind me of how far I've come.  Watching my aunt cut and style hair was always one of my favorite things to do growing up. It was so fascinating to me how she could hold the hair up at a certain angle, cut it, and it would fall exactly how she wanted it to.  I wanted to learn how to do this; I wanted to make people happy the way she did, and so my journey into the beauty industry began.  For me, cosmetology school began right after I graduated high school in 1997, and I landed a job as an assistant/receptionist at a large salon almost immediately.  So, I was lucky enough to learn while at school and at work. 

I feel lucky that I love what I do, and do what I love... 

You know how sometimes along the way people say things to us that kind of stick with us and replay in our heads throughout the years?  One of my teachers, Jean, always said, " Half of our job as a hairstylist is to make a person look great.  The other half of the job is to make that person FEEL great.". That sentiment really struck a chord with me and became my mantra going forward.  One of my greatest strengths is my empathic nature.  I LOVE people, meeting them, getting to know them, developing genuine relationships, and making them feel absolutely amazing.  I have an extreme gift of being able to understand exactly what a person is asking for, and I make certain she knows what to expect from her hair during our consultation, before I even begin cutting or formulating color.  

my story.

My favorite things about this industry are that each day is different; I never do the same thing two days in a row, and the huge abundance of continuing education always available.  Because of this, I am constantly hungry and excited to soak up inovative techniques, and strive to learn something new every single day... whether through hands-on classes, trade shows, videos, seminars, or online.  I feel its essential to keep up with this ever-changing industry in order to stay relevant and to insure my guests happiness and great experience with me!  I have formal certifications in Keratin Complex Treatments, Donna Bella Hair Extensions, HEVN Hair Extensions, Balayage Technique, am a Redken Color Specialist, and have had personal training by respected industry greats such as Sam Villa, Martino Cartier and Beth Minardi, among others.  Being a very artistic person by nature, I am obsessed with lived-in hair color and hand-tied extensions.  I also ADORE weddings and am a Bridal Hair Specialist. Each guest in my chair is a unique canvas for me to create our collaborated work of art! 

But on a personal note...

When I'm not painting hair masterpieces in the salon or pampering bridal parties on-location, I try to spend as much time as possible with my amazing 23 year old son, Jayme, when he's not busy.  I am also super lucky to have a wonderful man in my life that treats me like a princess.  Summertime & sunshine are my jam, and I love the warm outdoors, reading,  adding to my HUGE succulent collection, and binge watching my various guilty-pleasure tv shows.  

I would love nothing more than to welcome you into my "hair family", and to make you feel and look like the very best version of you!  No matter what your vision is, let's make your Pinterest dream hair a reality!  Follow the link below to schedule your appointment or consultation with me now!  We'll have such a blast together! 

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what guests are saying.

"Her skills are KILLER!"

"I've been seeing Marie for 6 years, and I love how she always suggests a new color or hair cut that will work for me and she actually teaches me how to style it so I can do it myself at home.  Her skills are KILLER! And she always keeps up with the current hair trends and techniques and knows exactly how to do them perfectly.  LOVE her!!!"

- Chelley Andersen
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